Katie Phelps -  Labrador Retriever

Katie Phelps
Labrador Retriever
Born: March 29, 2007

Katie is a pure breed yellow Labrador Retriever. 
He mother, Lily, was a 1 year old pure breed yellow Lab and still lives in Isle of Wight county in Virginia.
Her late daddy, Jeb, was a pure breed black Lab.  His life was cut short by a fast moving vehicle.
Katie was born as part of a litter of 9 in Isle of Wight county, Virginia.
She was one of 3 yellow labs in the litter.
Here she is at 8 weeks old

This picture won her a spot in the book
"Cutest Pets around the Globe - 2008 Edition"

Katie playing with her friend "Rocco", a young German Shepard puppy.

Her favorite toy...a Frisbee.  She does anything to play with one. 


Here is Katie at Oregon Inlet, North Carolina, on July 4th, 2009.  She is having a blast doing her favorite thing in the whole world...chasing the Frisbee at the beach!


Katie loves to chase the water sprinkler.  She knows when its coming as soon as I start moving the hose and attaching the sprinkler to it.  She sits and waits for me to turn it on.  Then, the fun begins as seen in this video.





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